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Controlling polymer architectures

to efficiently transduce stimuli.

Our research revolves around the structural control of functional polymeric architectures by means of precision synthetic strategies and/or engineering routes. Our work draws a lot of inspiration from Nature and tries to emulate some of the functions found in naturally occurring systems. Together as a team, we tailor the properties of functional materials and give them desirable adaptive behaviors in response to various cues (mechanical, optical, heat, etc). We are especially interested in the fields of mechanochemistry, supramolecular chemistry, low-power light upconversion and adaptive nanocomposites. As an international group of scientists, we are having fun doing science that excites us, addressing along the way both fundamental challenges and societal problems.

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Almost three years since the lab started at Southern Miss, lots of things have occurred from our first "homegrown" paper on single-chain nanoparticles to exciting carryover science from Switzerland. The lab is pretty much half full (or half empty, a matter of perspective :) ). The team is growing both in numbers but also scientifically with more papers shaping up this year and new areas of research maturing (e.g. renewable plastics, complex vesicles). The upcoming year should be one where the fruit of our hard labor becomes apparent. As the group keeps ramping up, we will strive to make impactful (and fun!) scientific contributions...



Living it up in H'burg, MS.


Located only an hour away from the Gulf Coast and a mere 1h45 from both Jackson and New Orleans, "Hub City" is a pleasant college town in Southen Mississippi. The Simon research group is fortunate to be part of the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, one of the leading institutions in the field of Polymer Science and Engineering.